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A major French private seller has taken FitWood’s product line into its selection for a flash sale. This market segment has proven effective for the brand, and puts FitWood products alongside brands like Versace, Rolex, and Under Armour. Several such events are planned for FitWood in the coming weeks. This will will potentially expose the brand to more than 15 million customers across France, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States.

“Alongside our international retail expansion, getting our brand exposed with private flash sales is a great opportunity to make our products accessible through competitive pricing and high exposure to a targeted, discerning audience of quality-conscious customers. More than anything, my goal has been to bring sustainable, beautiful home fitness to as many people as possible. We can’t say exact numbers at this point, but we’re speaking of some thousands of euros concerning the French case and are expecting similar or more from the other clients.” — Matias Kukkonen, FitWood CEO.

The coming month will mark a sharp increase in turnover for FitWood, and is a promising sign for the next sales season. In addition, the company is aiming for new heights with its Invesdor campaign. Though the campaign has already been successful, FitWood is now aiming for the next step: €200 000 and beyond. The company will capitalize on their latest funding round and increasing sales to move forward during the remainder of the year.