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KJERAG exercise wheel

(5 customer reviews)
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel
KJERAG exercise wheel

KJERAG exercise wheel

(5 customer reviews)

129,00 £179,00 £



KJERAG exercise wheel is the ultimate essential tool for every at-home workout enthusiast. It has been designed to reach even the highest standards of performance while complementing your interior décor. Since there is no need to stuff it into the closet after a workout you can always keep it within the reach of your fingertips!

Using an exercise wheel for ab rollouts in one of the most effective ways to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Ab wheel rollouts can be adjusted to your strength level by doing them from a kneeling position to standing ab wheel rollouts. It’s also excellent for different ab wheel plank variations or reversed ab wheel roll outs, where you place your feet on the handles.

The disc of the exercise wheel is made of sustainably sourced birch plywood. The handles are made of polished stainless steel or anodized aluminium, depending on the color option you choose. Stainless steel is durable as is, and the process of anodizing the aluminium improves the durability of the aluminium surface.

The covering of the exercise wheel is Finnish molded polyurethane. Finnish polyurethane is free from unhealthy compounds, and it doesn’t leave marks on the floor. It’s also a strong material, so it will last even in heavy use!

For more detailed information and measurements check out “Additional information”.

You can choose from six different color and material variations of the KJERAG exercise wheel:
• birch – grey – stainless steel
• birch – grey – aluminium
• white – grey – stainless steel
• white – grey – aluminium
• white – black – stainless steel
• white – black – black aluminium

KJERAG exercise wheels are designed and made in Finland. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

KJERAG exercise wheel has a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25.3 × 20.3 × 5.2 cm

With aluminium handle 1.2 kg
With stainless steel handle 1.8 kg


5.2 cm


20.3 cm


20.3 cm

Handle length

25.3 cm


5 reviews for KJERAG exercise wheel

  1. Ethan

    Very Good. Just like a new product after 6 months of use.

  2. Garron

    Very good. Even after 6 months of training with it, it is still like new.

  3. Tobias

    All the best!
    Fair price, fast delivery, fun with the product. What more do you want?! 100% satisfied customer! 🙂

  4. Andrei

    An excellent product. Made stable.

  5. Anthony

    Wood is a very durable material so it can withstand heavy use.

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