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(13 customer reviews)


(13 customer reviews)

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TROLLSTIGEN wall bars are a multi-functional exercise tool for body weight training and gymnastics in an innovative and stylish Scandinavian form. Wall bar exercises can be easily adjusted to different strength levels as the intensity of the workout can be modified by adjusting for example the angle of the body.

Wall bars are an excellent way to get the entire family active. While being a great piece of exercise equipment for adults, wall bars are also an exceptional tool for kids to develop their mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. Not to mention the endless hours of fun they can provide for the whole family!

Due to the upper section’s horizontal distance from the frame TROLLSTIGEN wall bars allow a larger variety of exercises than traditional wall bars and they are optimal for performing for example pull-ups and different core strengthening ab exercises.

Similar to power lifting bars, TROLLSTIGEN wall bars’ upper handles have a 30 mm thickness, and the round shape of the rungs and upper handles provide a natural and comfortable and firm grip. For more detailed information and measurements check out “Additional information”.

To make the wall bars even more versatile you can combine them with resistance bands or with our HJØRUND gym rings. This way you can do a bigger variety of exercises from assisted pull-ups to bodyweight rowing. For kids we recommend HJØRUND MINI gym rings.

The frame of the TROLLSTIGEN wall bars is made of sustainably sourced, glued solid birch wood. The bars are solid birch wood, and the upper section is made of durable birch plywood.

You can choose from eight different color variations of the TROLLSTIGEN wall bars:

  • birch
  • white
  • grey
  • black
  • white – birch
  • white – black
  • grey – birch
  • black – birch

The birch color is treated with a clear varnish.

TROLLSTIGEN wall bars are designed and made in Finland. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

The wall bars are mounted through two support boards to the wall. The package includes screws that are suitable for mounting the wall bars to the most common types of concrete walls or wooden studs behind a plasterboard wall. Please make sure that you use screws that are suitable for your walls. FitWood always recommends hiring a local professional to install the wall bars to ensure proper and safe mounting.

Please note that slight bending spares the joints of the wall bars when they’re used often. Kids should only use the wall bars under adult supervision.

You can find detailed instructions for mounting, assembly, and safe use of the wall bars from the user manual. Download it here!

TROLLSTIGEN wall bars have a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.

Additional information

Additional information


21.5 kg


220 cm


78 cm


In the upper section 54 cm and in the body 12 cm

Weight limit

150kg total, or 100kg per side


13 reviews for TROLLSTIGEN wall bars

  1. Kristin

    Beautifully crafted. Well packaged. Quickly shipped.

  2. GD

    Already my second wall bars from Fitwood. Visually an eye-catcher and has therefore found its place in our living room. Super stable and takes part in every exercise.

  3. Nora

    I can recommend the wall bars 100%! I set up the wall bars in just under half an hour. The workmanship is great, the parts fit together perfectly, the screws are very difficult to screw in or my cordless screwdriver was too weak. Tip: I used my drill with the speed setting, then the screws simply went into the wood! Wall mounting was no problem in my case. The only disadvantage is the missing 4 holes on the 2 flat boards that have to be screwed to the wall, otherwise everything is very well prepared and self-explanatory. I don’t know of any better wall bars in use! (My weight is at least 96 kg)

  4. Evelina

    Top quality! Since the first lockdown, the wall bars have been used by me and my two daughters (5 and 4 years old). In combination with Theraband / Deuserband an almost perfect whole body workout.

  5. Donna

    I’m excited! The wall bars are in the middle of the living room and thanks to it it looks even better than before! So optically more than great. The wall bars are also of very high quality in terms of workmanship and assembly is very easy, even if you need a lot of strength.

  6. Amelie

    The wood feels and smells good too. Nicely processed. Easy to set up, but the first exercise is tightening the screws. Wall mounting requires some thought. Due to the absence of angles or the like (which is to be welcomed for reasons of optics), something has to be looked at on uneven walls. It is suboptimal that the lower board for attaching to the wall runs at a height of about 25-35cm – this is exactly the height at which the sockets and power lines are. All in all, a very chic product that does not look too bulky in white, even in a small living room. The various grip options are also a unique selling point.

  7. Volker


  8. Wildtrud

    Great quality

  9. Paul

    Very nice, stable wall bars

  10. Loretta

    Very solid and well made wall bars. I can absolutely recommend it!

  11. Vanessa

    Super workmanship, very easy construction
    Thanks to good workmanship and instructions, we had no trouble assembling or assembling the device. We just worried that our wall might not be bearing. Since the drill holes on the device for fixing it to the wall could be freely selected, after checking the wall, we were able to place the drill holes on the device for suspension and on the wall where they made sense. The screws and dowels supplied fit perfectly. We are happy and train every day.

  12. Alja & Matjaž

    We absolutely love this product! It is perfect for our strength trainings, we can do pull ups, chin ups, leg raises and so on! And the beautiful design makes you enjoy your trainings even more. We are really satisfied with our wall bars and we would definitely recommend them to everyone

  13. GV

    This is the best product for home trainings for the whole family. Due to the Pandemie we were supposed to work and study from home for a month and this was the most used training accessory. I can only recommend it, although I write reviews only, if they are negative, so it took me almost six months to decide to write a review, but we are so happy with it each single day. The quality is outstanding, and it still looks perfect – the design is so well thought, with great functionality. My advice is when you are higher than 186cm to consider that it will not be so comfortable for all kind of exercises, but the standard for the height of the rooms in Germany is 250 cm, so still the product is the perfect height, up to the standards. The lowest bar is also on a perfect place and the paint(white) on the lowest and the highest seems to last forever. My recommendation for plastic wall plug is not the original, but the nylon spreizdübel SX(Fischer). These ones are good for vibrations and heavy use. The greatest support I had ever received, although the first delivery ended with reclamation, and again with a new delivery, but I am so happy and thankful to them for all the care and the perfect product, we have.

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