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FitWood Board of Directors has appointed Santeri Hilli as CEO of FitWood. Hilli will start in his new role on January 1, 2021.

Hilli leaves his current job of commercial director in American Active Life Solution, in which role he has consistently delivered robust added value by e.g. renewing strategy, leading marketing and sales teams, and improving finances. Prior to Active Life Solution, Hilli has served in wellness bisnes in international sales, marketing, as an entrepreneur, and as a CEO in a SME company. Hilli holds a Bachelor degree in sports and a Master degree (MBA) in international business.

”I am pleased that Santeri has agreed to join FitWood at this moment, when we have conquered the early phase difficulties, and international growth has begun”, says Ossi Numminen, FitWood Board Chair. ”He has experience in this industry’s products and sales channels, digital marketing, e-commerce, and international markets of significance to FitWood. As a leader, his focus has been in building international sales networks in more than 20 countries, building team, and developing growth business corporate culture.”

”I’ve become to know FitWood and Matias a few years ago in Germany, when I was working on a startup myself”, says Hilli. ”It has been great to follow how FitWood has crossed the valley of death towards international growth. Now the company is growing profitably, and is approaching 1 million in revenue. My objective is to carry on this profitable growth story globally, and I believe that my background in international e-commerce and channel sales will help achieving this goal. I see great potential in the way how FitWood combines fitness, scandinavian design, and sustainability, so I’m looking forward to this opportunity, and I thank the Board and Matias of their trust.”

Matias Kukkonen, current CEO of FitWood, has acted part time and has decided to leave, and to focus in his CEO role in Kuntokauppa. FitWood’s Board of Directors has conducted a structured process for CEO succession. That process culminates January 1, 2021, when Hilli starts.

“The last 5 years have been an unforgettable journey”, says Kukkonen. ”For me personally, it has given an unreplaceable possibility to learn new and to grow with the company’s challenges. I’m gratefull that even during the hardest of times, we did not give up, and that we have found the means and ways when needed. Now the company is on the pathway to gwowth, and it’s a great time to leave the operative responsibility to Santeri, who can contribute fully to develop the company. The character, capabilities, values and background of the new CEO give good starting point for the growth story to continue. I will carry on in the Board, and will support Santeri to grow FitWood through e.g. expanding product offering and expanding markets.”

“On behalf of the entire Board of Directors I would like to thank Matias for his many contributions to FitWood, where he has served with both honor and distinction”, says Numminen. ” Matias’ loyalty, commitment, and deep personal integrity have served as an example to all of us. I know that Matias will, like myself, always have FitWood blue running through his veins.”