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Our Story

Respecting the nature, boosting well-being in the everyday life, pure materials and good design are at the core of everything that we do. Research shows that using natural materials and especially wood in interior décor increases well-being and decreases stress. In addition to wood’s durability, this is one of the most important reasons why we chose wood as a core material for all of our products. We want to enable an active lifestyle regardless of how busy life is to boost well-being without sacrificing design.


Everything began when we realized that exercise equipment do not have to be just tools for working out – what if they would be a seamless part of our home décor? We noticed that most exercise equipment on the market have been designed focusing only on the functionality and therefore the materials or the design are often not in line with the rest of our home interiors. This is why quite often the exercise and recovery equipment find their way to the closet or under the couch after working out and will be easily forgotten and unused. To make working out a natural part of your day-to-day life we wanted to create products that blend into the home décor, so there will be no need to hide them away after use.

Today, exercise equipment have become an established part of the lifestyles and homes of many people. We believe that maintaining an active lifestyle should not compromise the style of your home, and that instead, exercise equipment should fit in to your home just as naturally as the couch or the dining room chair does. Besides from being a beautiful, durable, and versatile material, wood has also a long history of being used in Scandinavian interiors.

In 2015, when we started to search the available options and develop the idea of high-quality Scandinavian exercise equipment that would hold up to the highest standards of design, it was clear that sustainably sourced wood is an unmatched option to turn our visions into reality – the idea of FitWood had been born.


Exercise equipment, especially wall bars and gym rings, are the foundation of our product family, and they will remain a substantial part of our selection in the future as well. However, besides from creating new exercise equipment, we are currently developing products that support activity and well-being from a whole new perspective to improve the everyday lives of our customers. During the near future we will also introduce more children’s products, as we believe that one of the best ways of assimilating an active lifestyle is to learn it from an early age.

So, in the future we will invest into three themes that are important for us: promoting active lifestyles and well-being, creating sustainable high quality design products and improving kids’ development and versatile movement. FitWood’s ecological values and Scandinavian design will of course be an essential part of everything that we do.


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